Be the Change!

Truth: We are all the victims and benefactors of our environments.

You, as a manager, have the power to be the change that you want to see in your corporate culture. You, as an enlightened leader, have the responsibility to be that change.

The last time you had a meeting with your boss, how did it go? Did you leave the meeting feeling empowered to do great work? Was it rushed, or all over the place? Did your boss give you anything meaty to chew on? Or was it micro-management mania?

Now, think about the last meeting you had with one of your direct reports. How would he or she answer those same questions about meeting with you?

Both good and bad habits roll downhill. If you have a boss who gives great feedback you are more likely to give great feedback. If you have a boss who struggles to show compassion, you’ll be less likely to share your compassion.

Once you know how to be a better leader, the change starts with you.

If there’s stuff coming down from above that you don’t like, don’t  let it roll over you and hit your team. Look up, look around, see what’s coming, and what’s not. Look for praise, feedback, clear direction, compassion, autonomy, coaching, trust, respect, and whether or not you are getting them from above, make sure you deliver for your team.

3 Steps to Being the Change You Want to See

  1. Understand how you feel when you expect something from your boss that you don’t get.
  2. Understand how your response impacts how you show up with your team.
  3. Take responsibility for your impact.

You have the authority to hire, fire, and lead. So what’s stopping you from being the leader you want to see in the company? If you do, the worst thing that could happen is that you have a superstar department in a dysfunctional company.

Your challenge this month is to think of three things you wish your boss would do for you and start doing them with your team.

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