Take a Vacation – for the good of the team

Me at the lakeI had a client tell me recently that since being in management, he hasn’t felt able to take his whole annual vacation. I told him that he seriously needs to get out. Do you?

In case you know someone like that, I thought I’d share some things that came out of our conversation.

5 Reasons Why Taking Your Holidays Helps Your Team

When you are away, your team gets an opportunity to:

  1. Grow In your absence your team may be forced to take on new responsibilities and take some risks. Your absence creates a space for their creativity and ideas to flourish.
  2. Break Bad Habits Your team shouldn’t be totally dependant on you. If they always come to you for answers, break them of the habit by making yourself totally unavailable. If they can’t turn to you, they have to figure things out on their own, and they will own what they learn from that.
  3. Build Trust Going away shows your team you trust them. It also helps them trust themselves, and their team mates. A couple months back I talked about building trust with your team. In case you missed it there’s a link to the article below.
  4. Learn From Your Example You want fully present, fully engaged people on your team. If they see that you value taking care of your energy and effectiveness, they are more likely to do the same. Let them see the difference a holiday makes in you. And encourage them to take care of themselves so that they can bring their best game to work.

The fifth reason taking a vacation is good for your team, is because the cream always rises to the top. You may think you know the superstars on your team but there’s nothing like leaving people to get on with it for a few days to see who really shines, and who doesn’t.

So, if you are telling yourself that you can’t take holidays because the team needs you, take a breath. Take a look at your choices. If you really can’t see how you can take a few days off this summer, call me because that’s something we can change.

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