Take a Vacation – for your energy

5 Reasons Why Taking Your Holidays Helps You!

  1. You need more than 2 days off. When you work the way you work (I know how it is) it is almost impossible to get full renewal in a weekend. Do you think Tiger Woods would be able to play the way he does if he had to swing the club 52 weeks of the year. Everybody needs an off-season to feed their game.
  2. You need to unplug. Don’t let me catch you sitting on the beach with your surf shorts and your Blackberry. Make a physical and digital break from work. It takes some practice but allow yourself to appreciate the experience of being fully present, even at rest.We all need a rest
  3. You need to get the creative juices flowing. People are always amazed at the out-of-the-box, right brain thinking they can do when they are on holidays. There’s an answer to something that’s haunting you, and it is just waiting for you to relax enough to see it.
  4. You need your family, your community and your life! If you keep your nose to the grindstone, you might just look up one day and see that the grindstone is all you have. Engage!
  5. You need to make a contribution – to something more than your work. For some, making a contribution means being an active parent to great kids, for others it means volunteering, or hosting the annual neighbourhood BBQ, or all of the above.

Don’t underestimate your value in the world. Contributing at work is great. But give yourself the time and space to imagine the full potential for your contribution. Then go out and make it. If you don’t, you are depriving the rest of us of your gifts, and you are depriving yourself intense satisfaction.
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