How excellent are you?

Leadership excellence is about being able to inspire and grow your highest leverage assets: trust, respect and loyalty.

In good times and bad, everything flows from those three levers.

When you think about great leaders you have known, or admired, my guess is that you would give them all high scores in what I call the 4 C’s.

The 4 C’s of Leadership Excellence

4) Competency: Great leaders have a high degree of competence:

  • in their field, and the key tasks in their job
  • dealing with people, and that means dealing with conflict too
  • reprioritizing on the fly, without loosing sight of the big picture
  • articulating the big picture and inspiring their team to work the vision

3) Credibility: Being credible is all about:

  • being real and being comfortable showing people the real you – bruises and all
  • holding yourself accountable, and owning up to your mistakes
  • living your values, and not just talking about them

2) Courage: This shows up in 2 ways:

  • being able to make tough decisions (the ones everyone thinks they could make, but when it comes down to it, they are glad they don’t have to).
  • challenging yourself and not resting on past achievements

1) Consistency: Nothing builds trust, respect and loyalty like consistency.

  • Great leaders are consistent in their behaviour. People around them know what to expect. And more often than not, great leaders are consistently competent, credible and courageous.

How are you doing with the 4C’s? Aspiring to leadership excellence isn’t about wanting to be top dog, and it absolutely isn’t about wanting to be perfect. It is about making an honest effort to share your personal best with the people around you. And it is about inspiring others to share their best. That’s doable.

Just think about the opportunities that could open up for you – opportunities in your company, in your community, even in your family.

Reality check: Take a couple of minutes to check how many of the 4c’s you excel at. Which one is your Achilles’ heel?

I’ve said it before. You grow when you know.

You’ll find that some characteristics of great leadership are practically second nature for you, some you’ve worked hard to build up, and some are a real stretch. When you know which is which, you know what you need to work on to improve your ability to consistently deliver across the board.

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