Make Time for Energy Over the Holidays

In all honesty, how familiar is this scenario: Over the holidays, you rush from one social commitment to the next throwing back the eggnog and butter tarts. Before you know it, it’s January 2nd. You are physically and emotionally spent, wishing you had an extra couple of days to recuperate, and oh yeah, you are 5 – 10 lbs up. Happened before?

Over the holidays, we all fill our schedules with office parties, cocktails with clients, shopping, holiday visits, school recitals, and family dinners. Social events suddenly appear as immovable objects in our calendars. And with every one, our calorie count goes up, and our energy reserves go down.

Here’s an idea. Make exercise an immovable object. Open your calendar now and schedule in exercise.

5 Perks of Scheduling Exercise Into the Holidays

  1. Improve Your Metabolism – You already know that the holiday treats are beckoning. 20 min – 60 min of exercise every other day will help your body metabolize the extra calories. (And FYI when you exercise outside in the cold you burn more calories.)
  2. Increase Respect for Your Body – When you put energy into taking care of your body through exercise you are more likely to be good to your body in other ways. You will be less likely to over-eat, over-drink, or under-sleep. Your mood will be better and that makes life better – for everyone.
  3. Create Alone Time – Book yourself into an extra fitness class, or schedule time by yourself at the gym to create an escape from social demands, clear your head and recharge your batteries.
  4. Create Memories – Book time with your family and friends to do something physical. One of my clients is visiting her sister over Christmas and they’ve made a commitment to train for a marathon together. That’s quality time they won’t soon forget!
  5. Start Fresh – If you throw your health out the window and wait until the New Year to take care of yourself, you will start the year feeling like a slug. Instead, start now and feel great by New Years.

It is very simple. Take 15 minutes right now. Book yourself into some extra fitness classes. Email friends to set up ski dates. Get out your calendar and carve out at least 3 hours a week to do things that will get your heart pumping.

I challenge you to take a physically pro-active approach to the holidays this year. If you do, I promise Santa will reward you with a well-deserved energy boost and a high-performance New Year.

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