Breakfast in a Blender

How’s your day going so far? How did it start?

One of the ways I get to know my clients is by asking them to walk me through a typical day. I get them to start with their wake-up routine and we move all the way through to when they go to bed.

That conversation helps me get a sense of how my clients gain and expend energy throughout the day, and how physically prepared people are to take on the hurdles they have to jump.

Without fail, we talk about breakfasts.

When people are rushed to grab something in the morning they often default to what I call filler foods. Instant oatmeal, a bowl of cereal or a muffin for the road, these foods will fill you up but they don’t give your body much to work with.

For me, the ideal breakfast is one like I had this morning: a piece of fresh fruit, a couple of eggs, whole grain toast with peanut butter and a cup of green tea. I eat slowly. I gather my thoughts for the day. Perfect.

Then there are Mondays. Everyone in my family is rushed on Mondays, but even when things are chaotic, I’m a stickler for making sure everyone gets the foods they need to fuel their engines.

When we are in a rush, smoothies are our go-to breakfast. In about as much time as it takes for a toaster to pop, you can throw some key ingredients in a blender and give your body the best start you can manage.

To make a healthy, energy-boosting smoothie you just have to combine four things: protein, fruit, good fat, and liquid.

Everyone in my house has different tastes, but we all get what we need when I (call me the breakfast manager) focus on combining the four key ingredients.

Freddie’s favourite Oscar’s favourite
Greek style yogurt Protein Protein powder
Frozen Strawberries Fruit Frozen blueberries
Almond butter Fat Peanut butter
Cranberry juice Liquid Milk
Megan’s favourite Chris’ favourite
Greek style yogurt Protein Protein powder
Frozen mango Fruit Frozen raspberries
Flaxseed oil Fat Lite coconut milk
Pomegranate juice Liquid Water

When things get crazy for you, just remember that it serves you and everyone around you when you make sure that you pull together the basic ingredients to get you through.

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