Who’s expecting?

What would you do differently if – starting today – you were pregnant?

Now gentlemen, I want you to think about this too. Go with me here.

Since one of my clients became pregnant, she’s been looking at energy management in a new way. With a little someone depending on her body, energy management seems more critical.

It got me thinking, I wish everyone could look at life like an expectant mom for a while.

See if you can relate to this. Terri confessed that traveling tires her more than it used to. So we worked on business travel musts for her:

  • carry snacks – Terri noticed conference snacks (and snack schedules) weren’t meeting her needs, so now she packs fruit and protein snacks that give her a boost.
  • get exercise – as her body changes, she’s really feeling how exercises keeps her strong, gives her energy and focus
  • go to bed early – she noticed she can’t function well at work after late night social events (no one can by the way) now she ignores the peer pressure to push her limit.
  • rent a car –  she rents her own car so she’s not stuck feeling like she needs to stay out as late as her colleagues who cab share or car share.

Here’s the thing. These tips don’t just apply if you are pregnant. We all have people depending on us and we need to be resilient, focused and engaged.

Because of her pregnancy, Terri is acutely aware of the physical, emotional and mental benefits of energy management. But you would feel the benefits of the types of changes Terri’s making too – and you can take responsibility to make those changes (especially with the right inspiration).

How much better would you treat your body if you thought it was sustaining a life? Hello – it is. It’s sustaining you and the people who depend on you!

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