Recovering from pushing too hard.

I’m writing from the Kootenays, BC. I had planned to take the mountain bike ride of a lifetime this week but I strained some back ligaments while training. Now, I’m on the shelf and off the bike for a bit.

Yup the coach overdid it a little. So, I thought I’d eat some humble pie and share my lessons learned.

I’d planned an epic mountain ride with some friends. We chartered a plane to fly into a remote trail system in the Chilcotin, BC. The plan was to get dropped off with our bikes and ride through the mountains for 7 or 8 hours back to the lodge.

The trails are no spin in the park. I’ve been training specifically for this ride for months. But I was so focused on being prepared that I let some of my usual stretching and strengthening slide, that’s how I got hurt.

You might not find yourself in my exact situation but see if something here sounds familiar:

The demands of the ride (or maybe your job) are non-stop for 8 hrs. I felt like I had to push myself hard day after day so I’d be able to keep up with the other guys. I was so excited and focused on the ride that I didn’t take enough breaks and I did less of the daily core work I need to keep my whole body working. And I had a sense that I was taking some risks, but I didn’t listen to the coach in my head – not until I got hurt.

Pushing your limits here and there is good – I’m always saying you have to learn to get comfortable being uncomfortable. And sometimes you have to learn the hard way that you’ve pushed too hard, like I did.

What’s your plan to push yourself this summer? Whatever it is, take it from me, pushing, pushing, pushing – hurts. Your body needs breaks. Take them, enjoy them. And remember to take care of your core responsibilities.

My ride is postponed a month while I stabilize and recover. For now, I’m taking a well-deserved break and re-focusing. Have a great summer.


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