Eat, Break and be Merry

Do you remember the 9 Habits for High Productivity Days? # 8 is take breaks and # 6 is make time to connect.

Do you realize how easy it would be to do both on a regular basis if you made a habit of going out for lunch with colleagues?

North Americans have to be hit over the head to take a lunch break. People think there’s honour in being the lone hero who powers through. From where I stand, it looks less like honourable heroism and more like light-headed, energy-sucking solitude.

In China, people take their work very seriously, but they take food and socializing seriously too. As a result when lunch time rolls around, people flood into noisy, crowded restaurants to eat amazing food – taking lunch breaks together is a cultural habit.

After lunch, people come back to work fed in three ways:
1) they’ve eaten delicious, often protein and veggie rich foods.
2) they’ve taken a real break, stretched their legs, rested their minds and their nervous systems.
3) they’ve socialized and fed their basic human need for connection.


If you stress your mind for 8 or 10 hours straight, by the end of the day you will experience significant mental and physical fatigue – otherwise known as burn out. Going for lunch with colleagues to avoid burn out should be a no-brainer. If it isn’t, maybe these pics will motivate your stomach to convince your under-fueled brain and body to grab a colleague and walk somewhere great for lunch. Make it a habit.

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