Play Badminton in Your Slippers

Do you remember the goal of energy management? Do you remember why you need to get enough sleep, eat right, move your body, hydrate and take breaks?

Energy management is at the core of the work I do because doing something better than you are doing it now will take energy. You can’t jump higher without it.

And in the long run, the things you do to manage your energy now will improve your quality of life.

My guide in Beijing took me to the Temple of Heaven and Earth Park in the middle of the city. It astounded me – the park is a massive playground for adults and it’s packed with 60 to 90-year-olds.

Jimmy said seniors go daily because they know they need to keep moving and be out with other people. The life benefits are huge and obvious – I can’t remember ever seeing so many seniors in one place SMILING.They’re following their instincts, being social and having fun. I saw two 75-year-old women playing badminton in their slippers and laughing the whole set. I saw a 90-year-old man playing hacky sack and others doing calisthenics. That’s engagement! Going to the park isn’t a media driven trend. Seniors exercising together in the parks of China (or the health clubs of North America), is a cultural habit that we can learn from.
Lesson 1.  Getting the right gear is great, but slippers will do in a pinch. You don’t have to wait to buy new shoes to start moving your body. Stylin’ is being fit enough to play in the park when you’re 80. It isn’t about gear. “Just do it” – Nikes or no.
Lesson 2. If you hate exercising by yourself, don’t. Make it social. Make it something that makes you smile.

Lesson 3. You aren’t too old to start moving. Get up and stretch something now. And in 90 – 120 minutes, get up stretch something again.

Incorporating daily exercise and movement habits will immediately improve your focus, endurance and your ability to handle stress.

Ultimately, energy management habits improve your quality of your life. To me, that equals good times.

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