3 steps to re-imagine productivity

A couple of weeks ago, I challenged you to think about what you aren’t missing about the way we used to live and work.

Let’s build on that. We know that organizations are starting to look at productivity and deliverables differently.

Here’s a framework and some questions to help you and your team make the most of this experience AND take action on modifications that will serve you and your company.

Step 1: Get clear on what’s working for you.

  • What have you shed that caused you stress?
  • What have you added that brings you joy?
  • What are the things about the way you and your teams are working now that really work? What would you want to keep if we could all go “back to normal” tomorrow?
  • And what do you need back more than anything, ASAP?

Step 2: Get clear on what’s working for your people.

Challenge your people with the questions from Step 1.

Then, make yourself available to talk to them about what they’re learning. Find out what they would keep and what they need to do their best work. Ask them how you can help them get what they need now, and what they are going to want to hold onto into the future.

And don’t be afraid to bring your whole self to these conversations. Your team needs to see you be real, so they can be real with you.

You will gain more from these questions if you’re able to be honest and be open to hearing honest answers from personal, professional and productivity perspectives. The video I posted last week with Dorit Shackleton has more on how to have real conversations with teams in this new virtual workspace.

Step 3: Trust the answers you get.

This is huge. TRUST that your people are learning as much from this experience as you are. And trust yourself. From there, you can take decisive action.

I strongly believe that this experiment we’ve all been thrust into is an opportunity to practice living and working with re-imagined focus and purpose. I encourage you to leverage what we are learning (and some of these are tough lessons) to find new, better ways to work together.

Humans were born to adapt. You’ve got this.

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