What are you NOT missing?

I have a question I want you to spend some time mulling over. Think about it now, then let it come back to you when you make lunch, walk your dog, or wash off your patio furniture. Just see where this question takes you.

What are you NOT missing?

Your commute? Eating meals alone at your desk? Being interrupted by impromptu meetings? Some things you used to take for granted — like your commute — probably feel good to let go and some losses really hurt.

I challenge you to let yourself think about what you aren’t missing. And about how hard you’d fight to keep some of these changes when things can “go back to normal.” 

Organizations are very quickly learning to look at productivity and deliverables differently. I’ll share more soon on how we can use this wild experiment to learn what wasn’t working about the way we worked.

Chris in his home office posting a video message on LinedIn about missing things

If you are hungry for a little more right now, here’s my video on shifting our thinking about gains and losses, and here’s one about how I’m riding out the waves of emotions we are all experiencing. I hope they help you.

I’ll be posting videos like these regularly. Next week, I’ll be interviewing a thought leader on managing virtual teams. Connect with me on LinkedIn or Instagram to catch it.

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