How to plan and pivot when things change

These past couple of months, we’ve had to drop life as we knew it and figure out new ways to live and work. Now, restrictions are lifting around the world and the ground is shifting again. We aren’t returning to the old normal. So what’s next?

Use what you’ve learned so far to plan this next pivot with confidence.

1.Take stock of what you’ve learned. My recent articles have challenged you to be keen observers. To recap:

2. Trust your anchors. What do you and your people absolutely need to be productive and engaged?

  • Meaningful ways to connect
  • Routines, habits, rituals
  • Tools, systems, technology
  • Self-care
  • What else? Capture these anchors because you will need to keep coming back to them.

​3. Use your anchors to plan from a productivity perspective. Get comfortable with the idea that in the midst of yet another pivot, if you can achieve 80% or even 60% of your ideal on any given week, that’s better than floating anchorless at sea.​​

A productivity planning tool that works for me personally is the Full Focus Planner because it is designed to foreground the things I do to keep focused and energized. If you want to know more about how I use it to maximize my productivity, feel free to email me. But if you have systems you trust, use what works for you.

Don’t put off — or give up on — planning, routines or systems just because things are changing, again. Plan with what you know now. And know you are resilient.

I recognize this isn’t a small challenge. To help, I’m developing more videos, articles and a new course.

By request, I’ve posted a video with tips to improve your sleep and my next article will be on book-ending your day with rituals that boost productivity and support sleep. Watch for more from me on self-care soon.

What else do you want to hear from me? I’d love to get your input on what you need, so please take a moment to complete this survey.

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