Fatigue Recovery

Every summer I nudge clients and readers to take a break. Even though 2020 is unlike any other, my call to take a break remains the same, with two serious caveats.

Book a break now. AND…

Caveat 1: Your fatigue is real.

Your human system has been through a lot.

With so much change to manage at work and at home, it can be tempting to try to ignore the physical and emotional toll this pandemic is taking on us. But ignoring something doesn’t make it go away. In fact, ignoring something usually results in the something finding inconveniently urgent ways of getting your attention.

Researchers are learning a lot about the various — very real — types of fatigue people are experiencing:
Zoom fatigue
Compassion fatigue
Moral fatigue
Quarantine fatigue
And then there’s mental fatigue, family fatigue, and physical fatigue from propping yourself up in a crummy chair at a makeshift desk in your spare room… people are mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted.

Exhaustion manifests in ways that range from indecisiveness to finger-pointing, to checking out or feeling numb. Any of this sounding familiar?

I’m not immune to fatigue. Even with everything I do every day to manage my nutrition, exercise, and sleep, a few weeks ago I started noticing symptoms.

I recognized I needed a reboot-style break to get some deep, emotional and mental recovery. Watch my digital detox video to see a personal example of what a quick, 3-day break can do to change your outlook and focus.

Bottom line: all the research coming in on fatigue and recovery points to self-care strategies. Whether you can take three weeks or three days, I’m telling you that you need to prioritize some deep recovery this summer. And you need to do it soon.

Caveat 2: Don’t put off recovery.

We don’t know what September has in store for us.

Drive into the mountains, head to a lake, do something you love doing with people you love being with, ASAP.

Recovery is part of a high-performance model to renew energy and come back better, faster, stronger for longer.

Some of you are feeling like your overall output has been low this year. You might not feel like you can justify taking a break now. But fatigue and its effects drain productivity. Give yourself permission to recharge.

If it helps, don’t think of it as booking a vacation. Think of it as scheduling your bounce back.

And you might not get a better window for a while.

For me, I’m not taking the summer off like I usually do. I’m excited to be ramping back up to full tilt and getting back to helping clients with face-2-face and video options. But I am planning more small breaks and I’m doubling down on the rituals that give me daily renewal. What recovery plan can you commit to?

Remember: Taking control of the things you can control makes you more resilient to things outside your control. You’ve got this.

Now, book some recovery. And reach out if you think I can help.

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