Client Stories

Do you need a breakthrough?

Let’s do it.

Take a minute to think about the most important project on your plate. How big does it feel? How much weight does it have? How much time should you devote to it?

Now here’s the big question. What if you only had one hour to do it? That’s it. Just one hour. Gulp.

How would you prepare for the hour?  How would you prioritize it? What would you absolutely have to get done? How would you wrap up it up effectively?

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Don’t let the good ones get away

Last month, a colleague came to me with a sad, but all too common story.

A senior member of his team was under-performing and putting a wrench in the works for everyone. My friend was so focused on dealing with the fallout and figuring out how to handle the senior player that he dropped the ball on checking-in with the rest of his team.

Then whamo! During a real week from hell, one of his solid performers – a woman who did a GOOD job and operated quietly under the radar – up and quit, leaving a serious gap in his team. Not surprising. Continue reading…

Guest Blogger: Why I called Chris, and why I’m glad I did

I didn’t exactly embrace the concept of having a management coach. I had so much work, it just seemed like one more thing, and I thought it might be uncomfortable. Sending Chris that first email was pretty unsettling, but here’s why I did. I felt I wasn’t performing to my own expectations. And I believed I could do the job better.

When I started working with Chris, I was new to my management position, I was facing some very challenging issues in the department and I had what seemed to be an overwhelming number of things to do every day. Continue reading…

Take a Vacation – for the good of the team

Me at the lakeI had a client tell me recently that since being in management, he hasn’t felt able to take his whole annual vacation. I told him that he seriously needs to get out. Do you?

In case you know someone like that, I thought I’d share some things that came out of our conversation. Continue reading…

Client Story: His business is growing and so is he

Last week I met with a friend and past client. He looked great, and it was no surprise to hear how well he and his business had been doing. I found myself asking, “So what’s next? Any plans to grow?”

His answer was astonishing, “I plan to enjoy what I’ve built.”

Now, don’t be fooled. This isn’t a man who is resting on his laurels. He has created a phenomenal situation for himself. Continue reading…