Quick Stories

If your life was a book, what word would you use as the title for this year’s chapter? Respect? Laughter? Explore? Freedom? Perseverance? Put another way, what word – if you focused on it all year – would help you live your vision?

Are you letting something core slide because you are focused on something new?

Can you imagine a new approach that enables you to address your core responsibilities while taking on the challenge?

Recovering from pushing too hard.

I’m writing from the Kootenays, BC. I had planned to take the mountain bike ride of a lifetime this week but I strained some back ligaments while training. Now, I’m on the shelf and off the bike for a bit.

Yup the coach overdid it a little. So, I thought I’d eat some humble pie and share my lessons learned. Continue reading…

Who on your team has really grown by working with you? Have you told them what a kick you get out of their success?

I got bumped!

I got turned down last week!

One of my clients, flat out said no to me.

We had a coaching appointment that I needed to change. I called to suggest a new time and he firmly said that he couldn’t accommodate me because he had another appointment. Continue reading…

Teachers and Stories

Everyone has a story. Your experiences and your perspective make you uniquely you. The stories you tell yourself, and the stories that you tell others shape your character – the way you show up in the world.

My son Oscar recently reminded me that your stories also shape the experiences and perspective of the people around you. Oscar has a new teacher. When we asked him what he thought of her he said, “She’s awesome!”

“She told us a story about how when she was our age she had a cat that fell in the toilet bowl!”

Continue reading…

Keeping it real

This is the good life. Being home, with my family, here in Vancouver – this is where it’s at.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve given keynotes in Miami and Las Vegas. They are exciting cities and it was great work, but I found myself constantly jostling between high intensity and frustration. Continue reading…

What is the culture in your office around taking breaks?

What can you do to lead your team to improve their overall performance by taking breaks?

What could you do this weekend that would inspire you for the rest of the week?

Can your current work and lifestyle habits sustain you over the long haul?

What message are you sending to your team with your habits?

Have you had a summer vacation?

Have you taken a summer vacation yet? I just came back from my family’s annual retreat to a cabin at the lake with my brother in law’s family. We’ve been taking this holiday together for nine years and I look forward to it like no other.

Our time at the lake is sacred. We have traditions that we stick to every year and there are always new adventures to enjoy. I have learned over the years how important this time is for our family. Being together every summer is something we all cherish. Continue reading…

I learned about resting from racing

My journey to do the Test of Metal epic mountain bike race started on January 1st. I was thrilled to be one of 1000 participants who got a limited entry spot that sold out in 22 minutes.

The training on and off the bike began then. It really was fun to get in better shape and better at biking at the same time. It was a great feeling to be focused on a physical test like this at 46. It also took a toll on my family life. For the last few weeks leading up to the race, I was AWOL on the home front a few times a week for 3 and 4 hours rides. Continue reading…

Someone around you is waiting for you to ask them a direct question, can you ask that question today?

What one behaviour or attitude could you change to help yourself be a better leader? Can you change it?

What would you like others to say about you after you’re gone? Would they say it?

What would you try today if you knew you could not fail?

What would it take for you to win the gold medal in management this year?

Management and energy insights from the slopes

I spent last week skiing with my family at Whistler, and the holiday inspired me to write something a little different this month!

1. Try an idea out. Push it a few times, if it still isn’t working try another idea.

chris-and-kidsOur trip started with a plan. My wife and I wanted to take the kids on a spring break ski week at one of the family-friendly resorts in the Okanagan. Our friends had raved about them.

But when I started calling around to make reservations (a few months ago) every place I called had problems. They were booked, or they didn’t get back to us. Continue reading…

What emotion did you feel when you walked into the office today? Not sure? Ask your colleagues. They probably picked up on it immediately.

Year end review questions

Share these questions with your team as you review and debrief together, and ask them of yourself too:

  • What went well for you last year?
  • What are you most proud of?
  • What did you overcome that you didn’t think you could?
  • What fears did you face?
  • What mistakes did you make?
  • What did you lose that you took for granted?
  • Where did you get stronger?