Leading with Energy

When you get up in the morning, are you refreshed or tired? After lunch, are you ready to take on the afternoon or take a nap? By 5 PM do you have the energy to go home and have fun with your friends and family, or are you just hoping to make it home before you crash?

There are chronic demands on your energy throughout the day, everyday. And finding the energy to make profound or even small changes can seem impossible.

The good news is that everything you need to know about increasing and managing your energy levels morning, noon and night can be learned. And once you set up the right habits, a reliable source of energy is easy to maintain.

Why does Chris teach people to manage their energy?

Without sufficient energy, you can’t apply your mind, time, heart or work ethic to anything properly. Our own human energy is the most precious resource we have. And yet no one teaches us to manage it.

As we enter our 30s, demand for our energy starts to increase and as most of us age, the personal and professional demands on our energy just keep going up.

Unfortunately, something else happens as we enter our 30s. Our natural capacity for energy starts to decline. And without training, our natural energy capacity continues to decline through our 40s, 50s and beyond.

That is a recipe for frustration, disengagement and potentially serious health risks unless you learn to build up and manage your energy.

Energy management underpins everything you’ll do with Chris.

All of Chris’ clients learn to assess their energy, build their capacity and strategically manage their energy throughout the day. They learn to shed energy sucking habits, and set achievable health targets. What’s more, they see immediate energy gains.

Chris starts all coaching and consulting relationships with an energy audit. He assesses physical factors that impact people’s energy, as well as emotional and mental drains. He also talks to clients about their values, because it is amazing how much strain you can put on yourself when your life is out of alignment with your core values.

Bottom line: energy management leads to better engagement, effectiveness and happiness at work and at home. 

Do you need more energy to keep up at work? To share with your family? To contribute to your community? Email or call to talk to Chris about what you can do.