Coaching Philosophy

Chris Obst starts by finding out what you want to accomplish, then assesses what is and isn’t working right now.

Likely there are going to be strengths to your game that you can leverage like crazy.

There are also going to be weakness you need to address, bad habits you need to shed, and some new leadership muscles that you need to build.

You will identify the kind of leader you want to be and the kind of changes you want to see in yourself and your team.

FYI: Working outside your comfort zone is the key to building new leadership muscles and creating new habits that work. It’s going to be challenging. It should be.

As your coach, Chris is there to:

  • guide/push/encourage you
  • make course corrections along the way
  • keep you focused on your goals
  • be totally honest with you and hold your feet to the fire when no one else will.

The Name: Jump

When people come to work with Chris, it’s because they either want or need to jump higher. Chris assesses his clients’ energy and capacity when they first start working with him, and plans a coaching program that takes them to the next level.