Chris Delivers

Chris is a one of kind facilitator, coach and organizational dynamics guru. He delivers leadership lessons and learning moments like no other.

Katy Player | Vice President, People & Communications | Canfor

Do it!

Chris is a superb coach and leader.  He easily blends his technical know-how with his humanity in a way that creates deep trust quickly with his clients, teams, and colleagues. 

He is a leader among his peers and someone you can always count on to keep it real and deliver big impact.  If you have the chance to work with Chris – do it – you’ll be glad you did!

Anonymous | Managing Director | Undisclosed Company – Big 4 Professional Services Firm

Chris provides clear advice

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chris, both as my coach and as a management consultant with my team. Chris is incredibly skilled at connecting with people and delivering quality and highly impactful strategic planning sessions. Personally, I have found Chris very insightful, articulate and creative. He has a unique ability to quickly assess a challenging situation and provide clear advice on ways to achieve positive change.

Kavie Toor | Senior Director, Facilities, Recreation and Sport | University of British Columbia

Empathetic and data-driven coaching

Chris’s coaching methods were a game-changer for me. His empathetic yet data-driven approach helped lead to some real breakthroughs during a challenging year in my career and life.

The impact is that I’ve become more self-aware, more grounded in my own value drivers, and much more adept at managing my energy for consistently high performance at work. I can’t recommend Chris highly enough!

Dorit Shackleton | Global Vice President, Head of Marketing and Communications, Digital Supply Chain | SAP SE

Practical tips to be a new, improved and happier you

Chris offers a potent new strategy to guide basic daily tasks and manage personal energy.  While the ingredients – proper sleep, regular exercise,  a healthy diet, and self-care – are certainly not new, Chris unpacks them in a new and compelling way that encourages others to join his parade. His sessions offer powerful insights into the forces that influence and shape our lives both at work and at home. 

His message is underscored by his own personal example that he generously shares with everyone around him.  He “walks the talk” and models the energy management model that he espouses with enthusiasm and passion.  He delivers his message with humour, wisdom, compassion, and grace.

Chris has a deep understanding of the human condition and the interconnectedness between harnessing your personal energy and achieving (and sustaining) high performance and overall personal effectiveness.

He challenges participants to engage in serious and deep self-reflection about the challenges they face in a difficult and demanding world, both at home and on the job. He offers practical tips and solutions on how to be a new, improved and happier you.

Fasten your seat belts – Chris Obst is in the room!

The Honourable Mr. Justice M. David Gates | Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta

A dynamic and energetic keynote speaker

Chris was a huge hit – his message on energy management really resonated with our group.  Not only did he truly engage my large and diverse group of upper management, he did it immediately following lunch, which is a tough time for any speaker. Chris is a true professional and a dynamic and energetic speaker with an inspiring message.

Caralyn Clark | Executive Assistant| Seaspan ULC

The tools to get back on track

Working with Chris is like getting a new tool kit. He gives you a few of tools that you need every day, a couple you need occasionally when you are in a specific situation and a couple that you pull out when you are in a bad situation.

The way Chris talks about habits hit me. It was tangible and something I could execute. Two years ago, I was traveling for work big time and the sole provider for my household. I was missing a lot of family-time and when I was at home I wasn’t making the right choices. With his coaching, I took on no more than two changes at a time and made them habits. I saw marked improvements in my health and performance that year.

Then my mom passed away, leaving me to take care of my 93-year-old grandmother on top of a growing workload. I got sick, began to have headaches, my blood pressure was out of whack and I had to go on medication. Some of the things that Chris had taught me were in the back of my mind but I had not implemented them. When I was ready to get back on track, Chris helped me implement them, get off of the medication and handle the stress. I just did a few things consistently and deliberately and it only took 30 days or so to get back to where I wanted to be.

Today, my body composition is different, my blood is healthy, I am a lot less stressed and I can handle things a lot better because I spent some 1:1 time with Chris getting the tools I needed.

Christopher JenningsLync Voice Solution SpecialistMicrosoft Corporation

More effective and more energized

Chris has had a huge impact on how I think about managing my time and personal energy. In my coaching sessions, he has consistently provided fantastic insights into how to motivate teams and scale as a leader. Since working with Chris, I have become a more effective manager and feel more energized than ever!

Kelly Waldher | Director | Microsoft

Small changes stick

Chris Obst delivered leadership mentoring and showed me how to increase my energy to enable peak performance. His approach to energy management was remarkable because he gradually introduced small changes that were easy to make and eventually became sustainable habits, which was very important to me to avoid falling back to old patterns. Not only has his coaching increased my energy level but I also lead a healthier lifestyle overall now.

Markus Jansen |  Principal Software Architect | Microsoft Corporation

Keynote with lasting learning

Chris Obst’s keynote delivery was excellent and very well received. He engaged the audience from the outset and maintained their interest to the end (over 2 hours!) with a very clear, actionable message.

The feedback from his session was so strong and positive that our leadership decided to extend the program and enable a limited number team member to have 1:1 coaching sessions with him. Chris worked with us to draft and execute a program where he engaged 30 people for 1 hour sessions.

Feedback was again excellent. They were able to greatly benefit from his advice and guidance, enhancing their personal lives and their performance at work.

Benny Sterental | Incubation Sales Manager – Americas | Microsoft Corporation

Achieve peak performance

Chris Obst has had a major influence in developing and implementing our business team-building strategy.

His energy management training has allowed us to work together more efficiently and I would highly recommend Chris’s program to anyone who strives to achieve peak performance in both their business and personal lives.

Colin Dixon | CFP | Granville West Group – Manulife Securities Inc.

Energy management delivers

Chris was fantastic to work with.  He engaged at the right level. He understood our audience and the themes of our overall event.  Then he showed up and delivered a very impactful talk.  Based on the feedback I collected, he was able to capture people’s interest through both skillful presentation skills and a fresh perspective.  In the formal feedback process, over 90% of respondents said the one key takeaway from a full day of presentations was from Chris’ talk!

Kellini Walter | Executive Communications & Business Manager | Microsoft Corporation

Highlight of our conference

We really appreciated that you were willing to meet with people in advance of the session to understand the cultural differences of our international audience and that you adapted your session to suit our people. Overall, your session was called out as a highlight of our conference and your own energy and passion for the topic really shone through.

The only criticism we received was that we didn’t give you enough time, which was our problem and something we hope to rectify in the future! I look forward to having you come back.

Shannon Banks | Worldwide Leadership Development Consultant | Microsoft Corporation

Team building success

I just wanted to say thank you again for doing such a terrific job of facilitating our two-day team building sessions. The feedback from everyone has been very positive. I think we made huge progress in bringing this team together.

Karen Foss | President | Canada Wide Media

Exceptional value for Executives

Chris is one of the premier management effectiveness professionals that I have worked with in the last 20 years and I would recommend him to any organization looking to increase their leadership effectiveness in the face of market and business challenges.

Bruce Wiesner | Associate Dean of the Sauder School Of Business | University of British Columbia.

Highlight of our leadership development workshops

Chris exemplifies what it means to be fully engaged by managing your energy.

As a facilitator, Chris’ passion is contagious. He speaks from his heart and uses great humor.

Many of our leaders struggle to avoid burn out, expand their careers and maintain balance in their lives. Our people have talked about the profound impact Chris’ Energy Management sessions had on them, both personally and professionally. He was the highlight of our leadership development workshops and we highly recommend Chris to other organizations.

Shannon Wallis | Global Director Leadership Development for SMSG | Microsoft Corporation

Thinking out of the box

Working with Chris has enabled me to think more broadly and more strategically with my team and my customers. Working on how I could be more effective helped me think differently about looking for improved results overall.

I have really changed the way I manage and approach each day on the job. I am now more energized than ever when it comes to thinking out of the box and getting the results we need to be successful.

Brad Myers | Senior Director of Worldwide Sales | Microsoft Corporation

All managers have different work styles

All managers have different work styles. Chris Obst’s strength is recognizing those differences and effectively guiding and mentoring individuals to maximize their own unique potential. He has made me a better manager, and a better person.

Anonymous| Vice President | Undisclosed Company

Practical and tangible results

Chris has substantially improved my management and leadership abilities on a very practical and tangible level. He helped me overcome certain limitations, fears and beliefs pertaining to managing people. Overall, I am a significantly more effective manager since working with Chris.

Samantha Legge | Vice-President Marketing | Canada Wide Media Ltd.

Importance of feedback

Chris helped me see the importance of providing ALL types of feedback to my direct reports on a regular basis. I understand now that people need to hear the good, the bad and the ugly in order to thrive in their positions. And in fact, they want to hear it. He also helped me create a balance between my work and personal life.

I’m a better VP and Mom because of this.

Natalie Green | Vice President | Kirk Integrated Marketing Services