Recovering from pushing too hard.

I’m writing from the Kootenays, BC. I had planned to take the mountain bike ride of a lifetime this week but I strained some back ligaments while training. Now, I’m on the shelf and off the bike for a bit.

Yup the coach overdid it a little. So, I thought I’d eat some humble pie and share my lessons learned. Continue reading…

What is your heart (monitor) telling you

About 10 years ago I did the Grouse Grind for the first time. It is a grueling 2.9-kilometer uphill hiking trail, which Vancouverites use to train and earn bragging rights.

I happened to mention my achievement to a buddy and he promptly asked if I knew that every year some poor 40- or 50-something dies of a heart attack doing the Grind. Yikes! Continue reading…

Pick an event and go for gold

One way Olympic Athletes maintain focus is that they always train FOR something. They train for national competitions. They train for world championships. They train for the Olympics.

They summon the energy to get out there rain or shine because for them, exercise has a purpose.

You may not picture yourself taking the podium for the luge, but finding an event, or a physical challenge is a great way to shift your mindset from seeing exercise as a chore to seeing its purpose in your life. Continue reading…

Holiday energy tips!

Do the holidays wear you out? Or are you already heading into the holidays wondering if you have the energy to do what everyone expects of you?

The holidays are fun, but they can also take a toll.

We race to get things finished up at work. Then there’s the shopping madness, the social engagements (pressures), and the family …fun.

My gift to my readers this year is a handful of energy tips that can help you get the most from the holiday season.

1.  Eat well Over the holidays treat your body to 80% light, healthy, energy boosting foods and 20% comforting, delicious holiday fare. And never “save up” calories by not eating, it will just backfire and you will overeat in the end. Continue reading…

Discomfort: Get in D-Zone

Pet Peve

I hope this isn’t going to offend too many of my readers, but I’m going to rant for a second.

One of my biggest pet peeves is going to the gym and seeing the same people, sitting on the same bikes, doing the same thing – reading or watching TV – every week.

Here’s why that bugs me. Yes, it is great they are at the gym. Yes, it is great that they are going regularly. But that’s all they are doing – they’re going. They are putting in the time but they aren’t really putting in the energy. Continue reading…

Prepare yourself for stress

Layoffs and cutbacks take their toll on us emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. There’s no point pretending otherwise.

I’m not going to tell you that eating nuts and apples between meals will make you feel better about some of the repercussions of this economic downturn.

What I do want to make abundantly clear is that you will benefit by training for the marathon of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual stress ahead. No more excuses. Continue reading…

Energy: it’s more than physical

Energy management isn’t rocket science.

People immediately get that the energy management principals around diet, exercise, sleep, etc. improve their physical energy.

But I’ve noticed many professionals are able to de-prioritize their body, and thus de-prioritize energy management work.

There is a myth out there that unless you use your body to earn your living (i.e. professional athletes, fitness trainers, labourers), or are some kind of weekend triathlete, that you get no professional or personal gain from energy management. Continue reading…

Portions: Size Matters

When it comes to meal portions, size really does matter.

There is a certain amount of food that your body needs, and can efficiently use, at any given meal. And you need to know what that is to be able perform at your peak.

Both undereating (skipping meals) and overeating plays havoc with your body’s blood sugar. When you don’t eat enough, you throw your body into survival mode and it starts storing energy (and fat) to protect your organs. If you overeat, your body tries to rescue itself with insulin production. The extra glucose (blood sugars from all types of food) that pulses through your system will not only get stored as fat, but it can make you tired, grumpy, and slow to connect the dots. Continue reading…

HPI Article: Why portion size matters

With their permission, I’m re-publishing a Human Performance Institute article on portion size for those of you who wanted to read a little more on the topic.

Why Portion Size Matters

Overeating can do more harm to engagement than you may realize. Much attention is given to the physical consequences of overeating such as excess body fat storage, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and an increased risk of disease.  Continue reading…

Invest and Rest

We are oscillatory beings. We live in waves.

Our heart rate goes up and down. Our brain waves go up and down. We breathe in. We breathe out. And if any of those patterns flat line, we’re in trouble.

At the most basic physical level, human life is a constant back and forth between stress and recovery; invest and rest.

Every time you reach for something, you strain.  When you attain it, you can relax. That’s how you grow. Continue reading…

Don’t put off taking a day off

Picture it. You’ve planned to take a day off. You are going to do something special with your family or friends. You’ve said you would do it.

But there you are the night before, running through your to-do’s thinking, “I can’t possibly take the day off, I’ve got way too much work to do!” Continue reading…

Start Simple

OK, let’s just say that you really want to get more active. That it is really important to you to improve your health, your energy levels and your overall performance.

But despite wanting to be more active, and thinking about being more active, you haven’t actually managed to get more active.

What might be stopping you? Have you tried to start? Continue reading…

Eat Breakfast

It’s time for a game of fill in the blanks.

“Don’t skip breakfast, it’s ___________________. ”

If you guessed “the most important meal of the day”, give yourself a pat on the back.  It turns out Mom was right, but here’s what she might not have told you. Continue reading…

Drink Water

Water has a massive impact on performance.

Professional athletes hydrate before, during and after a game to keep their bodies and minds performing at peak.

Business people need to do the same. Our physical, mental and emotional energy levels improve when we are adequately hydrated.

But I’m not thirsty…
Research shows that as we age, we become less sensitive to the signs of dehydration, such as dry mouth and reduced concentration. From age 20 onwards, our early warning system starts to breakdown and we actually go longer and longer without noticing thirst. Continue reading…

Move It!

Movement is one of the most powerful stimulators of energy production available to the body.

So get out of your chair. Walk down the hall. Raise your arms above your head. These simple movements create a cascade of physiological and chemical changes that really will boost your energy! Continue reading…