Breakfast in a Blender

How’s your day going so far? How did it start?

One of the ways I get to know my clients is by asking them to walk me through a typical day. I get them to start with their wake-up routine and we move all the way through to when they go to bed.

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Fundamentals of Energy Management

  1. Values: know what matters most, and ask yourself if you have the energy to live the way you want to live.
  2. Nutrition: eat healthy meals and snacks to support your day, and know when treats help and when they hurt.
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Holiday energy tips!

Do the holidays wear you out? Or are you already heading into the holidays wondering if you have the energy to do what everyone expects of you?

The holidays are fun, but they can also take a toll.

We race to get things finished up at work. Then there’s the shopping madness, the social engagements (pressures), and the family …fun.

My gift to my readers this year is a handful of energy tips that can help you get the most from the holiday season.

1.  Eat well Over the holidays treat your body to 80% light, healthy, energy boosting foods and 20% comforting, delicious holiday fare. And never “save up” calories by not eating, it will just backfire and you will overeat in the end. Continue reading…

Portions: Size Matters

When it comes to meal portions, size really does matter.

There is a certain amount of food that your body needs, and can efficiently use, at any given meal. And you need to know what that is to be able perform at your peak.

Both undereating (skipping meals) and overeating plays havoc with your body’s blood sugar. When you don’t eat enough, you throw your body into survival mode and it starts storing energy (and fat) to protect your organs. If you overeat, your body tries to rescue itself with insulin production. The extra glucose (blood sugars from all types of food) that pulses through your system will not only get stored as fat, but it can make you tired, grumpy, and slow to connect the dots. Continue reading…

HPI Article: Why portion size matters

With their permission, I’m re-publishing a Human Performance Institute article on portion size for those of you who wanted to read a little more on the topic.

Why Portion Size Matters

Overeating can do more harm to engagement than you may realize. Much attention is given to the physical consequences of overeating such as excess body fat storage, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and an increased risk of disease.  Continue reading…


The Gods of coffee must be smiling on me. This month I have speaking engagements in two of the world’s great coffee cities –  Seattle and Paris! (And the topic is Energy Management!)

The aroma, the complex flavors, the perfect crema, the art of the pour, the very first sip – coffee drinking is an ancient ritual. There are so many reasons to appreciate coffee – but energy management isn’t one of them.

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Eat Breakfast

It’s time for a game of fill in the blanks.

“Don’t skip breakfast, it’s ___________________. ”

If you guessed “the most important meal of the day”, give yourself a pat on the back.  It turns out Mom was right, but here’s what she might not have told you. Continue reading…

Drink Water

Water has a massive impact on performance.

Professional athletes hydrate before, during and after a game to keep their bodies and minds performing at peak.

Business people need to do the same. Our physical, mental and emotional energy levels improve when we are adequately hydrated.

But I’m not thirsty…
Research shows that as we age, we become less sensitive to the signs of dehydration, such as dry mouth and reduced concentration. From age 20 onwards, our early warning system starts to breakdown and we actually go longer and longer without noticing thirst. Continue reading…